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Funding Support for PowerBarr

Solar charge your phone or tablet for free.

Charge your phone or tablet wherever you go. We've made it possible to get a free solar charge just about anywhere, and with your support we can make it available to almost everyone.

PowerBarr allows you to charge your phone or tablet using solar energy, without having to plug into the wall. Simply plug into the USB port and charge up anytime. Each PowerBarr consists of a solar panel that generates renewable energy and stores it in a battery. You can use the provided cables for your device, or connect your own cable by plugging it straight into the USB ports.

PowerBarr enables the use of renewable, decentralized energy. It's a simple concept with tremendous opportunity to change the way we use energy. We think it just makes sense to have PowerBarr's just about anywhere. Starting with coffee shops and public places like airports, we hope to provide you with a convenient and easy way to charge up your devices when they need it.

With more than two years of R&D behind PowerBarr, the backbone of the technology is the high efficiency console, an integrated approach that is as simple as a solar calculator but on a bigger scale. There is no other solar charging station quite like the PowerBarr, even at this early inception phase of the Beta version. We have several alternative designs for larger and smaller units, to meet the needs of business and home owners, as well as people on the go. Be a part of the design process; we look forward to hearing your feedback!

We Need Your Support!

The technology has been tested and proven in the working prototype that you can check out at Cafe BeLong, Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto. While the Beta product has proven to be effective and desirable, we need much more support to take the product from Beta to revolutionary. We are looking for your support to fund the next several models in the PowerBarr line to help us get production-ready.

If we exceed our stretch funding goal of $10,000 we will use the funds for the development of market-ready modules.

Who We Are Building This For

PowerBarr is for business and home owners that want to start using solar power today. People love the idea of solar but all too often it is too expensive or inconvenient. PowerBarr empowers you to use solar power to charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Powered entirely by sunlight and designed for shared use in coffee shops, community centers, office space, airports/transportation hubs, and even public spaces, the PowerBarr gives everyone a simple and affordable way to use renewable energy.


Currently available at Cafe BeLong at Evergreen Brick Works, we have already received requests from other business owners who are interested in providing their customers with free, renewable energy for their mobile devices. With your help, we can expand to 4-5 locations in the Greater Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo area. In addition, we will be able to produce different sizes of the PowerBarr within the next few months and test these to learn which product is best and most liked. By the end of the year, we plan to make these versions available for purchase directly from our web site.

Public Re-Charging Stations

We imagine a day when you'll be able to use an app on your phone to find the closest PowerBarr solar re-charging station. We've got one coffee shop on our map today. With your help we can fill this map with coffee shops, community centers, and other places to make sure you'll always be able to get a quick clean charge wherever you go.


  • How long does it take to charge up my phone or tablet?
    The same time as it would on a wall charger or connected to your computer (it depends upon the size of the battery in your device).
  • Does the PowerBarr work at night when the sun is not shining?
    Yes, PowerBarr has a built in battery that is able to store solar energy during the day so that you can charge your devices for weeks even if the sun doesn't shine at all.
  • Will it work with my phone or tablet?
    Most devices now support a USB power connection (just like when you connect it to your computer). As long as your device has a USB cable then it should be able to charge up.

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Who Are We?

John Wilson, Elena Jusenlijska & Colin Campbell are the founders, designers and builders of PowerBarr Beta. We are supported by a growing group of experts in design, electronics, supply chain, sales, marketing and more.

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PowerBarr Beta Location

Cafe Belong
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

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* Funding data is updated on a daily basis at 8am so you won't see the numbers update until we've verified that your donation has been received into our PayPal account.

Donate $5 or more

A BIG THANKS! Every bit helps. You'll be added the the founders club which will name every founding funder that helps us reach our goal (to be posted to our web site with your name included at your discretion).

Donate $50 or more

A PowerBarr t-shirt.

Donate $250 or more

Option to Sail with the PowerBarr team on Initram, the only C&C 35 sailboat on Lake Ontario with an auxilliary electric motor powered by the same batteries as PowerBarr Beta.

Donate $300 or more

Option for dinner for two with the PowerBarr Team at Cafe Belong while your phone charges on PowerBarr Beta.

Donate $500 or more

Option for dinner for four guests with the PowerBarr Team at the sustainable design award-winning Wilson Natural Home. A private tour with owner John Wilson will explain all the benefits of a 1,000 sq. ft. green roof, 5 kW solar PV array awning, straw bale wall construction, electric car charging station, solar thermal, climbing wall and much more. An early prototype of PowerBarr will be on display in the living room. Colin Campbell will inspire with a meal cooked to perfection using local organic produce. Elena Jusenlijska will present some local wines and cheeses to delight the senses. This will be a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Donate $950 or more

Get your very own, personalized PowerBarr Mini for your House/Business!! Still in the design phase, PowerBarr Mini is expected to be about half the size of PowerBarr Beta, with four USB ports, and approximately 20 watts of solar power.

Donate $2,500 or more

Get your very own, personalized PowerBarr for your House/Business!!



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