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POWERBARR Charge Station

Solar charge your phone or tablet.

PowerBarr enables the use of renewable, decentralized solar energy to power your devices. It's a simple concept with tremendous opportunity to change the way you use energy. We've created PowerBarr to make renewable energy accessible for everyone. Join the renewable energy revolution today and start charging your mobile devices with solar power!

With more than two years of R&D, the backbone of PowerBarr's technology is the high efficiency console, an integrated approach that is as simple as a solar calculator but on a bigger scale. PowerBarr has the ability to change the way we charge all of our devices and finally make a switch to renewable power!

Use Every Day

PowerBarr is for cities, businesses and home owners who want to start using solar power today. People love the idea of solar but all too often it is too expensive or inconvenient. PowerBarr empowers you to use solar power to charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Powered entirely by sunlight and designed for shared use in your business, coffee shop, community centre, office space, mall, university, airport, transportation hub, trade show, public space, or home, PowerBarr gives everyone a simple and affordable way to use renewable energy when they need it.

For those trying to tap into power in remote places, whether you're on a golf course or an island, PowerBarr provides options for just about any environment.

Why PowerBarr

1. Humanity's future success depends on our ability to utilize renewable energy and make it widely accessible

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Achieving a sustainable future requires a solution to the challenges of storage and distribution of renewable power such as solar. PowerBarr is solving the problem of storing intermittent sunlight and providing access to this energy in an easy and efficient way. PowerBarr converts energy from the sun by using solar photovoltaic panels, then stores it in sturdy electrochemical batteries that root the system safely to the ground.

2. Less electricity loss: Higher efficiency

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PowerBarr takes direct current power (DC) from its batteries and sends it to your natively DC powered electronics. Without any conversions, and at native low voltages common to all phones and tablets, you make use of stored solar energy in the most efficient way possible. Technically, it just makes more sense and is more efficient to use energy as close to the source as possible, and taking it through as few conversions as possible. The electrical grid, for instance, typically loses 10% of the energy generated in transmission through the wires. In addition, conversion losses from alternating current (AC) to DC electricity required by your electronic devices also sustains losses from 5-20%, according to Scientific American (see the article here).

3. Built to last, designed to be recycled & reused

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PowerBarr is designed for the long haul. Making it modular means being able to change parts to service a variety of different needs and environments with the same product. Consideration of the entire life cycle is important, how it will impact your children and grandchildren? Have you ever considered what will happen to your product when you are done with it?  We strive to design each and every part to be 100% recyclable. A great deal of energy can be saved with efficient recycling of aluminum, a major component of the panels and casings of the units. The batteries are made out of pure lead and are designed to be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Other components from the copper wiring, through to the USB ports, are designed to be easily disassembled for sorting and separation for nearly complete recycling.

4. Climate change mitigation and adaption

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By using more sources of renewable energy like what PowerBarr offers, you can make an incredible impact! You can reduce the need for fossil burning energy and help reduce the effects of climate change. The atmospheric carbon levels are currently above 397ppm (July 2013, Scripps Institute of Oceanography) and our world will continue to sustain a higher frequency of unusual weather events caused by climate change. Inevitably, the frequency and extent of power outages is likely to increase. PowerBarr aims to be broadly available to keep communications by mobile phone, and other potentially important emergency services including LED lighting working when the grid fails. At work or at home, PowerBarr will be able to keep a few essential electronic devices operating for days or even weeks.

5. Connecting people

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Last but not least, there is something even more powerful about solar power stations than using renewable energy that results from the simple act of bringing people together. It may be less obvious, however the sense of connection with others that people experience when using a PowerBarr in public spaces is worth mentioning and making more common place. We live in a world of complexity and competition. PowerBarr aspires to be an act of compassion and connection, and re-establish society's foundation for success and be a part of creating more connected and caring communities.

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  • customize branding of signage
  • customize branding of cube
  • add branding directly to the charge shelves
  • add an iPad kiosk screen with custom animated graphics


  • 9 device charge ports
  • 3 charge shelves
  • MicroUSB (for Samsung, Blackberry and other devices)
  • Apple 30 pin connector
  • Apple Lightning connector
  • 3 USB ports for any device
  • charges 6 phones plugged in charging for 6 days non-stop without any sunlight
  • solar panel is 40 watts
  • direct sunlight for four hours a day maintains charge capability in perpetuity

Who Are We?

John Wilson, Elena Jusenlijska, Colin Campbell & Lorne Spence are the founders, designers and builders of PowerBarr. We are supported by a growing group of experts in design, electronics, supply chain, sales, marketing and more.

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